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Hey, I’m Jacob.

10 years ago I made one of the scariest decisions of my life. I decided against going to university and instead I took a leap of faith and went full-time on my passion for photography.

There were many up’s and down’s but after many years of grinding I made my first million, doing exactly what I Iove. This came from failing many times and one of the core things I realised is that mastering the business side of your creative career is just as important as your actual photo skills.

The creative landscape is changing and it’s not the best photographers who make the most amount of money any more, it’s the photographers who know how to sell themselves, build relationships and think outside the box.

There are creators right now who are less talented than you, making 6 figures+ a year because they’ve understood their unique value, and they have mastered the art of networking and selling their services for a high price point.

Luckily for you, I want to help you dominate it all and give you the secrets to realizing your true potential and start earning the money you deserve using the skills you already have.

Whether you want to becoming an editing ninja in Photoshop or know how to build an iron-clad mindset to live life on your own terms, I cover it all and more. That’s why I created Future Photo.

You don’t need to be a diverse creator to build a successful career

You don’t need to buy another course teaching you how to edit photos, create animations, or become a video editor.

What you know right now is enough to get you paid a premium. All you need to master is how to sell yourself in any room for any brand.

Without knowing your value, worth, how to price yourself, and how to sell yourself, you can have all the creative skills in the world but no work or money to show for it.

It’s time for brands to say YES to you and for you to believe in what you are capable of. You with me?

I know first hand how difficult it is to catch a break as a creator

Constantly trying to chase your dreams and go full-time with your passion but nothing seems to work and you are feeling hopeless.

But here’s the deal. It will always be hard. Creating a business that’s worth anything takes time. Because nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s so important to trust in your journey and the process you are going through because you may be surprised to find out that the universe is taking you to places you couldn’t even imagine.

We only have one life to live,

and it’s up to us to create what that looks like. Waiting and procrastinating on your dreams doesn’t help anyone and leaves you feeling worse about yourself as every day goes by.

Take it from me. It is NOT to late to do what you love full-time and have a thriving business. I believe in you. Your dreams are worth it. But the longer you wait and try and do it all yourself, the more time you’ll waste being a struggling creator.

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Why Future Photo?

Niche-Focused Learning: We dive deep into travel, lifestyle, and automotive photography. You won't just be another photographer; you'll be THE photographer that brands, agencies, and people will want to work with.

Business First:
It's not just about taking great photos. Learn the art of negotiating, the science of pricing, and the strategy behind building a brand that gets you paid gigs. Let's make sure your bank balance reflects your talent.

Mindset Matters:
Every artist has doubts, but it’s how you navigate through them that determines your success. We'll walk with you, hand in hand, teaching you how to cultivate a mindset that breeds confidence and resilience.

I know first hand how difficult it is to catch a break as a creator.

Constantly trying to chase your dreams and go full-time with your passion but nothing seems to work and you are feeling hopeless.

But here’s the deal. It will always be hard. Going all in on your passion is tough but nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s so important to trust in your journey and the process you are going through. If you are feeling lost or uncertain right now, that's okay. The tools in Future Photo are what I believe can help you step into the next level of your career as a photographer.

Believe it or not,

your biggest hurdle isn’t mastering the camera, understanding lighting, or even getting clients. It's believing that you have what it takes.

I remember the hesitations, the fears, and the days I wanted to give up. But let me tell you a secret: Every shot you miss, every client you don’t get, every moment you doubt yourself... they're all steps towards becoming the photographer you’re meant to be.

So, take a deep breath. You’re not in this alone. Let’s walk this journey together, turning your passion into a profession and your dreams into reality.

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The potential here is truly limitless, and it's an exciting time to be a creator.

The Four Pillars of Future Photo


Become a world-class creator

Get exclusive access to my 10+ years of photography experience and learn the exact skills I've mastered during my career to land jobs with Bugatti, Marriott Bonvoy and more. It's time to level up your photography like never before.

Web 3

Understand the world of Web3

With the emergence of blockchain technology, creators have now quickly immersed themselves inside of the NFT tech and culture. NFTs are a way for creators to sell unique work digitally that people can own and have proof of via a smart contract.


Master Social Selling

If you’ve ever wondered how creators like me or the hundreds of others you see online get to work with really cool brands it’s simply because we know how to sell ourselves and position what we do in way that is highly attractive to brands across the globe. Learn exactly what it takes to do the same.


Go Further With A Great Mindset

There’s a handful of things that separate the amateurs and the pro’s. Mindset is one of the most important, if you can learn to master your thoughts and behaviours you can achieve anything you want as a creative. Build an iron-clad mindset and put yourself on the path to financial success.

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Powerful Mindset.

There’s an important piece that we haven’t really talked about yet which is vital to being a successful and fulfilled creator. That is, your mindset.

Having a strong mindset that is grounded in deep emotional intelligence and understanding how to navigate the difficulties of life and business is more important than any social media marketing strategy you can have.

When you are able to face difficulties in your life and know how to respond to them, its absolutely game changer. No matter how old we get or how much we think we know, there’s always an opportunity to learn more and respond to life smarter.

Now if you think I'm immune to this, your wrong, everyday I battle with feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt but I have found tools and solutions to to use to not let them hinder my growth.

I’ve had my many fair share of life breakdowns, career breakdowns, relationship breakdowns, and so much more! Going through these things taught me so much and knowing what I know now, I wish I had the mindset tools in those situations so I could respond differently.

I want to help you build a mindset that is rooted in your truth, authenticity, and excellence. With the ability to go through the building phases of your business and feel like you are always in control regardless of the current metrics or numbers in your bank account.

Inside this course you will have access to material that will help you learn how to build a powerful mindset for your life beyond the camera.

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Unleash your potential, feel empowered, and become a pro.

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Being part of a conscious creator community is more empowering, exciting and rewarding than going at it alone.

If you are someone who is ready to hit the gas pedal on their creative career and not just relay on a course to help them build a 6 figure business, then this is for you.

I firmly believe that lone-wolfing is the easiest way to burn out and lose hope of ever getting to where you want to be. But when you are in community with other like minded individuals with ambitions goals like yourself, you get this

Live group coaching calls with Jacob every 2 weeks
Private support group so you can ask Jacob and his team any questions
Quicker feedback and advice on real life situations
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It’s true when they say your network is your net worth,

who you surround yourself with and the energy you put yourself into is much more important that any course. You are the 5 people you surround yourself with, so let’s get you around men & women who are laser focused on what they want to achieve in the creator space who can be a supportive tool for you throughout your growth journey.

This community is perfect for those who want to:
Have the opportunity to join Jacob on his job opportunities
Get access to paid and in-kind work opportunities from brands
Have a mentor like Jacob by your side.

The community included for $49/month

Grow as a creator with bi-weekly calls, challenges, and endless support from
other creators in the community!
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Your Future Looks Bright.

Imagine being able to quit your side hustle and go all in on your dreams.

I am unlocking the doors and letting out everything I know about how to make money with photography and go full-time with your passion.

From video tutorials that clearly walk you through every skill I've learnt behind the camera, to detailed post-production walk-throughs, business and mindset 101 tutorials and much more.

This course has been uniquely crafted for the photographer who knows they want to truly step into their power and master all of this...

Become a world-class photographer
Be a ninja in Lightroom + Photoshop
Understand Web3 + NFTs
Sell yourself to brands + make money
Build an iron-clad mindset
Step into the next stage of your career

Are You Ready To...

Learn from me, someone who has built a million dollar photographer business to teach you how you can do the same?
Be able to walk into any shoot with every skill you need to dominate?
Find excitement in being the one who is always learning?
Create content that turns into paying clients?
Understand and be confident in the value you hold?
Become disciplined and have powerful habits that support your growth?
Have a brand that can reach millions?
Know how to hire, where to hire, and who to hire?
Live a balanced and fulfilled life as a creator.
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Here’s what’s inside the course...

Photography Course
Value: $3,000

75+ videos

on every aspect of photography. Pre production & planning, In-the-Field Production and post production editing for the complete 360 approach to being a world-class photographer.

Value: $2,000

Join like minded creatives

bi-weekly calls with Jacob, work opportunities, and special content geared to help you grow your brand.

Paid Work
Value: $3,000

Work Opportunities

Have access to jobs & paid work opportunities through our inner network and Jacob Media clients.

NFT Course
Value: $1,000

50+ videos

on understanding the core value of Web3 + NFTs to be ready to dominate in the upcoming bull market. With detailed insights into how to launch your own photography NFTs.

Value: $1,500

PDF Guides

Written documents to go with each section to make implementing easier.

Creative & Business Course
Value: $1,500

35+ videos

on what you need to do in order to build an iron-clad mindset in life and the key business tools you need to build a successful creative business.

Course Access
Value: Priceless

Lifetime Access

Have the course forever and be able to reference teachings at any point down the line.

Value: $499

50+ Presets &  RAW Images

Download my top editing presets to get my signature editing style and access the RAW images I use during the editing tutorials to follow along with me.

Value: $99


Ensure you are truly digesting all of the information in the course by going through the homework included with most videos.

Total Value = $6,098
Launch Price: $599


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Are you ready to step into your true power? You are the future.

Hear What Our Past Members Have To Say

"One of the best courses I’ve ever purchased. You’re learning from the best people in the industry."

"Jacob gives his best insights on how to make your hobby into a profession."

"I picked up a bunch of new skills after taking this masterclass."

"Jacob gives his best insights on how to make your hobby into a profession."

"This course gave me the confidence to take my photography skills to the next level."

"This course has a great Facebook group with an amazing community."


"What a brilliant course this was for me. It raised my level of photography and taught me some really good techniques which I wouldn't of known otherwise. The course is easy to follow with a steady pace. Extremely happy with this purchase. Thanks, Jacob."

Anthony W.

"I love the delivery of the content. Jacob broke down the content in a way that's easy to digest. It's definitely a great resource to reference whether you're making a career out of photography or just improving a hobby. There's something for everyone. I'm looking forward to the content that's still to come."

Beau B.

"I purchased Jacob’s class to improve my photography skills. This class helped me get comfortable shooting manual again as well as learn Photoshop and improve my Lightroom editing skills. I love the Facebook community and how Jacob provided us with images to edit along with him. I don’t regret a single cent I spent on this course"

Christine W.